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Detours - Voted best Valued Small Groups Tours in Cambodia / Eco Detours focuses on Protection of the sites visited
Pricing Tours

A common question we are asked is why are our tours cheaper than the rest of the other travel companies or tours. The simple answer is we own most of our own equipment and employ drivers, guides, waiters ect. full time, 365 days a year, we own all our own cars,TukTuks, mini vans, boats, villas and guesthouses, so we don’t have to hire other peoples equipment. So of course we can pass these savings onto our guests. We can promise that what the price is displayed is the actual price, we always highlight the total costs and don’t have any hidden fees. We do not farm out our guests, we look after you from the time of pick up to time of departure. If you have come across our website it was probably done by either word of mouth, search engines or advertising, we do not spend big on advertising so again less costs for us and you. What we can also promise you is we will do all in our power to ensure you get the best value for money and the most out of every tour you join us on, sometimes we place guests into hotels we don’t own, the 4 star and international type hotels, however we do get a corporate rate and we pass this onto our guests, again saving money and keeping the costs down. We are also prepared to lose money, strange but true. We can take just one person and hopefully we get more on the tour, however we never cancel tours for lack of guests, we still go and you will get the best service. The real facts are some 30% of our business is single travellers, we are also probably  the only local company that has the same low price for single travellers, why? Because we can, I was once a single traveller, travelling S.E Asia and its nice to meet up with fellow travellers, but also I need to know that if I book a tour it was not depending on how many or some great inflated price, very hard to achieve, so when I stated this tour company along with a few other businesses it was focused on small groups and single travellers to enjoy. 

Unless otherwise stated all our tours are all inclusive - meaning nothing more to pay. This include FREE pick and return to hotel, expert guide, all temple passes and road tolls. All transports and drivers and free pick up and return to airport bus or boat station.